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Character Information
Name:Eternal Oblivion
Profession:Elite Knight
Marital status:single
House:Snow 10 (Snowflake) is paid until 31 Dec 1969 21:00
Guild Membership:Leader of the MiBR
Last login:19 April 2019, 3:41 am
Comment:02:40 You advanced Level 649 to Level 650.

First On Megatibia
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 5.000.000 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 94%
Tasks: 17%

22 Mar 2019, 13:33 Died at level 659 by choking fear, Play Boy, Droidy, Schmiidt Becker, a retching horror and by silencer.
23 Feb 2019, 00:22 Killed at level 657 by Ser Gin, Ashley La Loca, Hope Mikaelson, Xaxa, Gordao Armani, Chriisz Warmode, Tooysz, Jowzin, Piris Jeri, Druid Psicopata, Husk Siberiano, Obichopega, Warlord Fear, Pantr, Coffee Break, Exequtter, Leticia Chupeteira and by Saad Frontline.
23 Feb 2019, 00:19 Killed at level 657 by Jowzin, Ser Gin, Obichopega, Exequtter, Piris Jeri, Gordao Armani, Pantr, Druid Psicopata, Tooysz, Saad Frontline, Hope Mikaelson, Chriisz Warmode, Coffee Break, Husk Siberiano, Xaxa, Ashley La Loca, Ziilt, Eternal Oblivion and by Mago In Legalize.
23 Feb 2019, 00:08 Killed at level 657 by Druid Psicopata, Davizerah, Xaxa, Ser Gin, Ashley La Loca, Gordao Armani, Exequtter, Hope Mikaelson, Husk Siberiano, Chriisz Warmode, Jowzin, Piris Jeri, Najperw, Coffee Break, Tooysz, Saad Frontline, Obichopega, Crixus Bolter, Warlord Fear, Eternal Oblivion, Leticia Chupeteira and by Ziilt.
23 Feb 2019, 00:00 Killed at level 657 by Jowzin, Ser Gin, Hope Mikaelson, Warlord Fear, Gordao Armani, Chriisz Warmode, Ashley La Loca, Husk Siberiano, Obichopega, Najperw, Crixus Bolter, Exequtter, Xaxa, Coffee Break and by Piris Jeri.
22 Feb 2019, 23:59 Killed at level 658 by Leticia Chupeteira, Ser Gin, Badc Fullpistola, Husk Siberiano, Najperw, Chriisz Warmode, Davizerah, Warlord Fear, Calixtin King, Exequtter, Ashley La Loca, Escobar Elpatroon, Gordao Armani, Obichopega, Meryc, Xaxa, Saad Frontline, Vinicim Invisible, Skelly, Trizinho, Coffee Break, Mago In Legalize, Piris Jeri, Kostas Mitroglou, Ziilt, Hope Mikaelson, Gudzor, Tooysz and by Eternal Oblivion.
4 Nov 2018, 22:34 Killed at level 652 by Corvinus Gaunt, Sirak, Essence Reaver, Togezin Kabum, Branca De Neves and by Lukinha Tank.
1 Nov 2018, 00:22 Killed at level 652 by Galego Old, Magus Healer, Eleriansi Livulcop, Kyzza, Jubikeranativa, Sr Flam, Fortex Flam, Alfrediitoh Vzla, Janayna Benassii, Psy Forest, War Holly, Marth Anaravenni, Corvinus Gaunt and by Eternal Oblivion.
31 Oct 2018, 23:26 Killed at level 652 by Mago In Legalize, Crystal Ballack, Galego Old, Magus Healer, Voltormx, El Astro, Jubikeranativa, War Holly, Alfrediitoh Vzla, Corvinus Gaunt, Morphina, Kyzza, Ahh Ta, Eleriansi Livulcop, Psy Forest, Sr Flam and by Eternal Oblivion.
31 Oct 2018, 22:09 Killed at level 652 by Janayna Benassii, Humilha Novato, Leelasz, Magus Healer, Najperw, War Holly, Kyzza, Alfrediitoh Vzla, Mago In Legalize, Redzin Novamente, Jubikeranativa, Psy Forest, Felpzwar, Vitinho Matador, Breiking, Ancientinho Mage, Morphina and by Rapha Fullpistola.

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Experience History
EXP Today
not gain exp (experience total)
+4.570.786 (experience total)
+1.802.392 (experience total)
+5.784.196 (experience total)
+5.370.187 (experience total)
not gain exp (experience total)
+2.244.838 (experience total)
+4.850.153 (experience total)

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1- Calixtin King
1701, Elder Druid
2- Swat Gringa
669, Elder Druid
3- Badc Fullpistola
662, Master Sorcerer
4- Eternal Oblivion
662, Elite Knight
5- Netin
638, Royal Paladin

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