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Character Information
Name:Ser Gin
Profession:Elder Druid
Marital status:married to Leozinho Fullbrabo
House:Darmax 10 (Darmax) is paid until 31 Dec 1969 21:00
Guild Membership:Member of the Dont Cry
Last login:18 September 2019, 8:42 pm
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 17.344.975 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 50%
Tasks: 16%

12 Jun 2019, 18:03 Died at level 631 by fury, a fire elemental, a diabolic imp, a dragon lord, an infernalist, a massive fire elemental, a fire elemental, a fire elemental and by fire elemental.
11 Jun 2019, 01:47 Killed at level 631 by Explicit, Vulgo Gilson, Davizerah, Las Noches, Tchaca Na Butchaca, Shadowzinho, Voltormx, Charlie Detona, Old Pogramcity, Khaleesi Targaryen, Tediun, Vinicim Invisible, Ziilt, Falcon Hits, Gamling, Ain Vinicim Chorao, Im Offline and by Her Oz.
11 Jun 2019, 01:26 Killed at level 631 by Teteuh Verycrazy, Tchaca Na Butchaca, Charlie Detona, Smek, Parker Is Back, Old Pogramcity, Gamling, Voltormx, Tj Dillashaaw, Sanosuke, Tediun, Las Noches, Her Oz, Im Offline, Falcon Hits, Vinicim Invisible, Ziilt, Davizerah and by Estilo Vagabundo.
11 Jun 2019, 01:04 Killed at level 632 by Vinicim Invisible, Tchaca Na Butchaca, Ziilt, Charlie Detona, Parker Is Back, Shadowzinho, Voltormx, Tj Dillashaaw, War Holly, Pwrfek, Gamling, Falcon Hits, Tediun, Dark Mordorion, Teteuh Verycrazy, Her Oz, Zyzzao, Neiker Returnz and by Delet Homee.
11 Jun 2019, 00:53 Killed at level 632 by Thnneo Andy, War Holly, Im Offline, Las Noches, Old Pogramcity, Ziilt, Tj Dillashaaw, Teteuh Verycrazy, Charlie Detona, Smek, Tchaca Na Butchaca, Khaleesi Targaryen, Shadowzinho, Vinicim Invisible, Pwrfek, Tediun, Her Oz, Voltormx, Boi Bandido, Explicit and by Falcon Hits.
6 Jun 2019, 12:56 Died at level 632 by infernalist, a fury, a diabolic imp, a dragon lord and by fire elemental.
31 May 2019, 03:09 Died at level 632 by fury, a diabolic imp, a fire elemental, a dragon lord, an infernalist and by fire elemental.
30 May 2019, 01:04 Killed at level 631 by Sekirozon, Tchaca Na Butchaca, Du Bist Schwach, Im Offline, Profeta Mito, Druid Psicopata, Cachermo, Forge, Georges Stt Pierre, Vinicim Invisible, Brownie, Teteuh Verycrazy, Hennessy, , Macabra Bill, Unbeaten Lelleu, Mathildevski, Explicit, Kajadu Yep, Tankard and by Jubikeranativa.
30 May 2019, 00:09 Killed at level 631 by Tchaca Na Butchaca, Brigth Mage, Hennessy, Charlie Detona, Unbeaten Lelleu, , Vinicim Invisible, Peguei Mijando, Georges Stt Pierre, Cachermo, Du Bist Schwach, Forge, Brownie, Kajadu Yep, Teteuh Verycrazy, Mathildevski, Falcon Hits, Profeta Mito and by Im Offline.
28 May 2019, 23:17 Killed at level 631 by Bengalostman, Well Safadao, Sekirozon, Yukiko, Druid Psicopata, Old Pogramcity, Smek, Tchaca Na Butchaca, Im Offline, Psy Forest, Profeta Mito, Charlie Detona, Tj Dillashaaw, Deus, Falcon Hits, Mathildevski, Ser Gin, Hollywood Kamikaze and by Starting Ops.

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Experience History
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not gain exp (experience total)
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+8.107.115 (experience total)
+19.289.707 (experience total)

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