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Character Information
Profession:Master Sorcerer
Marital status:single
House:Harbour Place 2 (Shop) (Thais) is paid until 31 Dec 1969 21:00
Guild Membership:Master of the Mega Power
Last login:24 June 2019, 3:05 pm
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 2.204.066 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 28%
Tasks: 14%

11 Jun 2019, 01:48 Killed at level 661 by Voltormx, Davizerah, Tchaca Na Butchaca, Las Noches, Aristeoz, Lord Boladex, Tj Dillashaaw, Charlie Detona, Sobre Duas Rodas, Vinicim Invisible, Teteuh Verycrazy, Tediun, Ziilt, Unlimited Cunha, Her Oz, How We Crown, Shadowzinho, Old Pogramcity, Xaxa and by Parker Is Back.
11 Jun 2019, 01:19 Killed at level 661 by Smek, Leozinho Fullbrabo, Tj Dillashaaw, Sobre Duas Rodas, Dark Mordorion, Tediun, Shadowzinho, Vinicim Zika, Old Pogramcity, Parker Is Back, How We Crown, Ziilt, Khaleesi Targaryen, Aristeoz, Vinicim Invisible, Sanosuke, Tchaca Na Butchaca and by Elder Adon.
11 Jun 2019, 01:14 Killed at level 661 by Old Pogramcity, Tchaca Na Butchaca, Lord Boladex, Khaleesi Targaryen, Ziilt, Aristeoz, Unlimited Cunha, Charlie Detona, Smek, Dark Mordorion, Vinicim Invisible, Sanosuke, Davizerah, Tj Dillashaaw, Sobre Duas Rodas, Shadowzinho, Thnneo Andy, Leozinho Fullbrabo, Her Oz, Voltormx, Las Noches, Parker Is Back, Vinicim Zika and by Elder Adon.
11 Jun 2019, 00:59 Killed at level 662 by Smek, Old Pogramcity, Unlimited Cunha, Thnneo Andy, Khaleesi Targaryen, Tediun, Charlie Detona, Sobre Duas Rodas, War Holly, Las Noches, Dark Mordorion, Teteuh Verycrazy, Vinicim Invisible, Parker Is Back, Ziilt, Davizerah, Shadowzinho, Voltormx, Tj Dillashaaw, Aristeoz, How We Crown and by Majster Pusiiak.
11 Jun 2019, 00:30 Killed at level 662 by Smek, Leozinho Fullbrabo, Sobre Duas Rodas, Thnneo Andy, Las Noches, Aristeoz, Tj Dillashaaw, Charlie Detona, Old Pogramcity, Voltormx, Sanosuke, Shadowzinho, How We Crown, Teteuh Verycrazy, Ziilt, War Holly, Lord Boladex, Tediun, Vinicim Invisible, Parker Is Back, Her Oz, Khaleesi Targaryen, Unlimited Cunha, Tchaca Na Butchaca, Krzysztof Mode On, Sergin Fullpstola, Neiker Returnz and by Davizerah.
27 May 2019, 22:55 Killed at level 662 by Druid Psicopata, Wicked Mage, Charlie Detona, Vinicim Invisible, Alanis, Tchaca Na Butchaca, El Rufus, Umthouchable, Forge, Bengalostman, Sobre Duas Rodas, Dr Mitch Morgan, Breakmen, Ziilt, Teteuh Verycrazy, Lukao Powerabuse, Cauanzika Mago, Akawall Original, Unlimited Cunha, Kajadu Yep and by Teng.
3 May 2019, 00:22 Killed at level 662 by El Rufus, Te Amo Skan, Davizerah, Sobre Duas Rodas, King Marlon, Mago In Legalize, Old Pogramcity, Chiky Style, Moonstrao, Coise De Mula, Nandozeraah Reborn, Gilizera, Tj Dillashaaw, Charlie Detona, Ziilt, Nytrouz, Sokahard, Vinicim Invisible, Fanii Pacheco, Butzy, Legendary Mage, Cayetano, Devil Square, Xaxa, Thomasx, Chriisz Rpzor and by Kronus The Titan.
3 May 2019, 00:14 Killed at level 662 by Bastos, Te Amo Skan, Xaxa, Moonstrao, Chiky Style, Cayetano, Butzy, Nytrouz, Fanii Pacheco, Mago In Legalize, Davizerah, Gilizera, Coise De Mula, Agresywny Wettki, Old Pogramcity, Dead Killer, Nandozeraah Reborn, Charlie Detona, King Marlon, Ziilt, Sobre Duas Rodas, Arthur Bodybuilder, El Rufus, Vinicim Invisible, Polazk Xysef and by Sergin Fullpstola.
30 Apr 2019, 01:31 Killed at level 662 by King Marlon, Kronus The Titan, Lukao Powerabuse, Gilizera, Mago In Legalize, Nytrouz, Nandozeraah Reborn, Draxon, Charlie Detona, Profeta Mito, Ayla, Ziilt, Nicholas James, Agresywny Wettki, Warmode Easy Winn, Vinicim Invisible, Georges Stt Pierre, Lord Boladex, Arthur Bodybuilder and by Chriisz Biribiri.
30 Apr 2019, 00:40 Killed at level 662 by Nytrouz, Lord Boladex, Kronus The Titan, Syriek Mithwar, Arthur Bodybuilder, Nicholas James, Bengalost Oldtimes, King Marlon, Vinicim Invisible, Davizerah, Lukao Powerabuse, Invictu, Gilizera, Agresywny Wettki, Mago In Legalize, Georges Stt Pierre, Megazzord, Moonstrao, Nandozeraah Reborn, Estilo Vagabundo, Ziilt, Forged and by Bruxo Imortal.

Frags List
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Experience History
EXP Today
not gain exp (experience total)
+22.246 (experience total)
not gain exp (experience total)
not gain exp (experience total)
not gain exp (experience total)
not gain exp (experience total)
not gain exp (experience total)
not gain exp (experience total)

Account Information
Real Name:Phillip Panayeta
Location:Tampico - Monterrey México
Created:15 March 2019, 2:49 pm
Vip Status:VIP Account

1. TerrorixerMegaTibia

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644, Elder Druid

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