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Guild Information
Guild STAFF para ajudar novos players com guild points! OBS: >comando ativado todo dia as 12H e 18H! >após aceitar o invite necessário relogar o char. >level 70+ GUID STAFF to help new players with GUILD POINTS. after accepting need relog the char. the command is activated every day 12H and 18H in BR Hours.

The guild was founded on MegaTibia on Mar 25 2019.
It is currently active.

Guild Members
Rank [sort] Name and Title Vocation [sort] Level [sort] Status
Leader Balela (Lili vai cantar) Elder Druid 226 online
Black Panther (Pc lixo mandar msg pra outro) Royal Paladin 507 online
Bu Ce Royal Paladin 456 online
Dani Roots (Senior Tutor) Master Sorcerer 230 online
Magezor Flameiro (very old) Master Sorcerer 273 offline
Naming Rules (Hail Staff Team) Royal Paladin 504 offline
Sobolts (Colombian Gold) Royal Paladin 386 online
Togykiss Iluuking (Senior Tutor ) Elite Knight 465 offline
Vice-Leader Amargedom (Oiiiiiiiiiiiiiii) Royal Paladin 204 offline
Tou Fraco (o/) Elite Knight 394 offline
Member Abacate Motoboy Elite Knight 196 offline
Achola Master (Aloprado) Elite Knight 224 offline
Ada Wong Elite Knight 201 offline
Adidaszin Elder Druid 105 offline
Adzin Royal Paladin 298 online
Afavor Master Sorcerer 159 offline
Afavor Dos Afavor Knight 248 offline
Agile Elite Knight 413 online
Aiin Kidelicia Royal Paladin 192 offline
Aisaan (soy de Mexico) Knight 136 offline
Akpapakapke Master Sorcerer 254 offline
Akpapakapkee Master Sorcerer 252 offline
Aladin Pally Royal Paladin 205 offline
Alaricrp Royal Paladin 139 offline
Alasdklassd Royal Paladin 73 offline
Alec Machao (SOU FODA) Elite Knight 149 offline
Alec Xina Elder Druid 186 offline
Alester Master Sorcerer 112 offline
Aline Owns Elite Knight 193 offline
Alpday Elder Druid 101 offline
Alpha Sagittarii Elder Druid 313 online
Always Smiling Elite Knight 171 offline
Alzs Royal Paladin 216 offline
Amendoim Taxista Elder Druid 184 offline
Ancient Own Royal Paladin 167 offline
Andzor The Legend Royal Paladin 123 offline
Anjo De Luz Elder Druid 159 online
Anjo Pally Paladin 184 online
Anteek Druid 223 offline
Anttrax Royal Paladin 275 offline
Anubiis Hookaa Druid 98 offline
Apathy Royal Paladin 129 offline
Apenado Elite Knight 185 offline
Arcanjodobem Elite Knight 308 offline
Archer Unbeatable (%Segura my critical%) Royal Paladin 185 offline
Areiabranquinha Master Sorcerer 154 offline
Arlako Sirony Druid 126 offline
Arnaldo Da Seiko Royal Paladin 161 offline
Arribite Elder Druid 182 offline
Arthur Pendragoon (King Of Camelot) Master Sorcerer 135 offline
Asarth Royal Paladin 240 offline
Asbaraca Royal Paladin 148 offline
Asperger Knight 159 offline
Assasinkam Royal Paladin 436 offline
Assault Ak Royal Paladin 200 offline
Asuninha Master Sorcerer 127 offline
Atlas Hades Elite Knight 181 offline
Atzap Insta Royal Paladin 200 offline
Augustinho Carrara Royal Paladin 320 offline
Aurora Knight Elite Knight 180 offline
Austria Elder Druid 146 offline
Austrio Elite Knight 146 offline
Autistic Royal Paladin 184 offline
Avada Kedvraa Elite Knight 101 offline
Awp Brabao Elite Knight 230 offline
Awp Suavao Royal Paladin 161 offline
Azog Oprofano Elite Knight 169 offline
Babuino Descalso (Acende um ai) Elder Druid 200 offline
Baby Allone Sorcerer 153 offline
Back The Weed Elder Druid 184 online
Badkiller Elite Knight 96 offline
Baguida Elite Knight 263 offline
Baldana Master Sorcerer 188 offline
Baleia Depilada (amoeba) Druid 127 offline
Balneario Camboriu Elder Druid 178 offline
Barabara Elite Knight 166 offline
Barao De Maua Royal Paladin 291 offline
Barbudo Zord Royal Paladin 116 offline
Barra Mansa Elite Knight 183 offline
Baru Naa Trzy Elder Druid 135 offline
Baruch Elder Druid 148 offline
Bb Nobre Elite Knight 183 offline
Be Kind Royal Paladin 178 offline
Bebe Aqui Royal Paladin 168 offline
Bebelzinha Elite Knight 293 offline
Bebon Gole Druid 105 offline
Beicin Master Sorcerer 201 offline
Bernardo Xt Elder Druid 166 offline
Best Law Elder Druid 158 offline
Bicaeasy Elder Druid 276 offline
Bike Preto Royal Paladin 137 offline
Bina Druid Elder Druid 211 offline
Birileibi Elite Knight 209 offline
Birinelson Elite Knight 182 offline
Bispomacedo (Igreja das Tretas, chora n) Druid 111 offline
Black Habit Royal Paladin 265 online
Black Hat Boy Elder Druid 116 offline
Black Kaneki Royal Paladin 145 offline
Black Lanca Elite Knight 189 offline
Blade Angel (Cachorro loco) Elite Knight 186 offline
Blessed Arthur Elite Knight 200 offline
Blue Stark Master Sorcerer 198 offline
Blyatz Elite Knight 249 offline
Bob Returnsz (xD) Royal Paladin 322 offline
Boggi Afk Royal Paladin 319 online
Boletaria Royal Paladin 76 offline
Bololo Haha Druid 101 offline
Bomb Sclin Elder Druid 344 offline
Bonequinha Elder Druid 164 offline
Booh Master Sorcerer 185 offline
Bora Bolar Um (Ja Bolei Um) Royal Paladin 223 offline
Borutto Elite Knight 367 offline
Brand Aquatico Master Sorcerer 146 online
Brasil Newbie Master Sorcerer 191 offline
Brenao Frontline Elite Knight 201 online
Breninho Rp Paladin 198 offline
Brian Selznick Royal Paladin 215 offline
Brinkszera (Old school) Elder Druid 243 offline
Briofita Master Sorcerer 189 offline
Brockador Elite Knight 70 offline
Brunii Onlysio Elder Druid 80 offline
Bruxin Master Sorcerer 125 offline
Bubble Cacheiro Paladin 52 offline
Bunitinho Heriador Elite Knight 146 offline
Byladem Elite Knight 203 offline
Cabelimm Royal Paladin 282 offline
Cabulosopk Paladin 86 offline
Cafeicultor Sorcerer 70 offline
Caik Elite Knight 225 offline
Cainhool Royal Paladin 282 offline
Caiquinhoo Elite Knight 327 offline
Caiwolito Royal Paladin 102 offline
Calango Do Asfalto Master Sorcerer 191 offline
Calopsita Elite Knight 147 offline
Caninha Da Boa Royal Paladin 162 offline
Cansativa Elite Knight 165 offline
Cara De Perro Elder Druid 132 offline
Caradacombi Elite Knight 215 offline
Care Nutriia Elite Knight 194 offline
Careca Da Sd Elder Druid 170 offline
Carinev Elite Knight 146 offline
Carlos Marighella Master Sorcerer 187 offline
Carolsaladaodapcx Elite Knight 276 online
Cartola Royal Paladin 191 offline
Cata Piolho Royal Paladin 191 offline
Celyn Elite Knight 112 offline
Chaelincl Elite Knight 188 offline
Chaverde Elite Knight 219 offline
Check Match Elder Druid 213 offline
Chef Wiiggum Master Sorcerer 78 offline
Chefao Ek Elite Knight 160 online
Cheys Paladin 185 offline
Chiboquinha Royal Paladin 153 offline
Chico Cunha Elder Druid 151 offline
Chongo Elder Druid 203 offline
Chupa Manga Elder Druid 157 offline
Cielito Sorcerer 139 offline
Claxzan Elder Druid 111 offline
Cloudy Strifer Elite Knight 264 offline
Cocaldosul Druid 71 offline
Cogumelos Azuis Elite Knight 295 offline
Coleta Delixo Elite Knight 163 offline
Coleta Ruszy Elite Knight 110 offline
Comb Master Sorcerer 136 offline
Comedordoteucu Elite Knight 180 offline
Comendocudecurioso Royal Paladin 171 offline
Condoriano Druid 111 offline
Corned Elite Knight 164 offline
Corthopl Elite Knight 206 offline
Cpnine Master Sorcerer 181 offline
Creus Elite Knight 142 offline
Cria Dochapadao Master Sorcerer 205 offline
Cristall Elite Knight 240 offline
Cronoz Elder Druid 121 offline
Crusherr Foxxy Elite Knight 228 offline
Cu Limpo Royal Paladin 121 offline
Curandero Criollo Elder Druid 113 offline
Dalprofom Master Sorcerer 142 offline
Dama Julinha Knight 178 offline
Dance Phanton Elite Knight 116 offline
Daniel Nuta Elite Knight 122 offline
Darck Soul Blade (rp pvp) Royal Paladin 143 offline
Dark Crazy Sorcerer 147 offline
Dark Criss Cs Elite Knight 159 offline
Dark Loot Elite Knight 123 offline
Dark Major Master Sorcerer 261 offline
Dark Mochila (Nois qke Ta BRUXO) Elder Druid 111 offline
Dark Task Elite Knight 201 offline
Darkmagic Elite Knight 161 offline
Daryl Drake Elite Knight 221 offline
Daryll Diixon Elder Druid 73 offline
Das Qests Elite Knight 100 offline
Davos Seaworth Royal Paladin 117 offline
Dc Oliver Queen Royal Paladin 227 offline
Deadpool Xd Elite Knight 263 online
Death Kina Elite Knight 223 offline
Death Rolex Master Sorcerer 219 offline
Death Sent Master Sorcerer 211 offline
Death Soldier Elder Druid 231 offline
Death Zn Master Sorcerer 221 offline
Deca Grega Elder Druid 182 offline
Decos Elder Druid 146 offline
Dedao Do Pe Master Sorcerer 202 offline
Deeplin Namissao Elder Druid 195 offline
Deeznutz Elder Druid 271 offline
Defterosx Royal Paladin 130 offline
Dentistao Elite Knight 188 offline
Desgostado Elder Druid 120 offline
Desorientado Elder Druid 178 offline
Dex Kina Elite Knight 147 offline
Diabo Verde Elite Knight 242 offline
Diamond Dust Elder Druid 182 offline
Dibico Elder Druid 102 offline
Diegaocheiracu Elder Druid 314 offline
Dii Maria Style Royal Paladin 195 offline
Dill Otto Paladin 142 offline
Dilya Shooter Royal Paladin 225 offline
Dinero Easy Elite Knight 199 offline
Dinossauro Do Acre Elder Druid 121 offline
Dinx Paladin 149 offline
Doble Ii Master Sorcerer 183 offline
Doflamiingo Royal Paladin 175 offline
Doguinha On Hell (sai da frente) Royal Paladin 147 offline
Donadopedaco Royal Paladin 127 offline
Dorgas Is Back Royal Paladin 181 offline
Dorsch Elite Knight 208 offline
Douchbag Elite Knight 304 offline
Doug Funnie (PvP Mell) Druid 123 offline
Douglinhas Ms Master Sorcerer 171 online
Dr Kina Elite Knight 148 offline
Drague Royal Paladin 151 offline
Drdulirou Elite Knight 181 offline
Druid Dede Elder Druid 257 offline
Druid Forfun Elder Druid 182 offline
Druid Lotus (Love This) Elder Druid 180 offline
Druid Safado Druid 173 offline
Druid Zs Druid 122 offline
Druidbolada Elder Druid 181 offline
Du Bondinho Elite Knight 255 offline
Duality Master Sorcerer 184 offline
Dubsz Elder Druid 216 offline
Dubzs Elite Knight 188 offline
Duck Jaay Elder Druid 178 offline
Duende Du Verde Master Sorcerer 184 offline
Duvidas Men Druid 107 offline
Earth Fall Druid 234 online
East Side Knight 157 offline
Ebon Elite Knight 154 offline
Ed Vnzla Elder Druid 140 offline
Eduardo Bolsonaro (Bolsominion) Elite Knight 256 offline
Eduardo Thx (revelations) Elder Druid 308 offline
Eduardo Vargas Royal Paladin 130 offline
Ek Fuul Life Elite Knight 321 online
Ek Lokao Knight 159 offline
El Bozo Nobre Royal Paladin 116 offline
El Fabuloso Elite Knight 265 offline
El Female Elder Druid 307 offline
El Gatinho Druid 144 offline
El Killer Sorcerer 150 online
El Knighth Elite Knight 105 offline
El Paccina Royal Paladin 125 offline
El Pally Royal Paladin 103 offline
El Pan Riquito Royal Paladin 125 offline
Eldelbar Master Sorcerer 172 offline
Elder Assasin (elder assasin) Elder Druid 130 offline
Elder Gs Elder Druid 97 offline
Elerunos Jayn Royal Paladin 187 offline
Eli Araujo Elder Druid 202 offline
Elite Do Vietnan Elite Knight 156 offline
Elite Kniightt Druid 170 offline
Elite Kyranus Knight 84 offline
Elite Off War Elite Knight 165 online
Elite Royalek Paladin 163 offline
Elite Tm Elite Knight 212 offline
Elite Will Elite Knight 164 offline
Eloi Pla Paladin 145 offline
Empanada Mechada (Maduroconotumadre) Elite Knight 179 offline
Emyro Royal Paladin 141 offline
Enigmos Elite Knight 205 offline
Eo Jhon Jhon Master Sorcerer 202 offline
Eobeck Royal Paladin 82 offline
Eqp Ed (Morreu) Elder Druid 153 offline
Eriquinha (axe fight) Elite Knight 160 offline
Erva Loka Elite Knight 334 offline
Esau Elder Druid 193 offline
Escanor Knight Elite Knight 262 offline
Escapulario Master Sorcerer 140 offline
Escudeir Knight 112 offline
Estora Utero Royal Paladin 139 offline
Estosterona Elder Druid 171 offline
Eternal Piko Knight 121 offline
Eu Aplicandoalei Elder Druid 102 offline
Eu Dog Shake Elite Knight 225 offline
Eurodruid Elder Druid 82 offline
Evil Inventor Elite Knight 182 offline
Ewaajj Royal Paladin 102 offline
Executter Knight 71 offline
Exiviuz Jr Elder Druid 209 offline
Exiviuz War Royal Paladin 187 offline
Expectro Patronum Master Sorcerer 453 online
Fabriciotm Knight 131 offline
Faldenic Elder Druid 145 offline
Fallen Knight Elite Knight 172 offline
Favelado Nato Royal Paladin 286 offline
Fefinho Elite Knight 195 offline
Felrin (Eh NoixXx) Elder Druid 188 offline
Feminazii (Sou Cachorronaaaaaaaa) Druid 161 offline
Fenix Suicinivv Elite Knight 170 offline
Ferfoles Royal Paladin 389 online
Fiat Lux Druid 167 offline
Fidelizera Royal Paladin 310 offline
Filha Do Apolo Sorcerer 100 offline
Filho Del Hayvn Elite Knight 128 offline
Firma Dapot Um Elder Druid 81 offline
Flackjack Elder Druid 215 offline
Flam Uer Master Sorcerer 187 offline
Floki Viking Elite Knight 230 offline
Foda Se Geral Knight 200 offline
Fodexter (Oloko) Elite Knight 350 offline
Foox Trot (Salveeee) Paladin 74 offline
Foxyheart Elder Druid 132 online
Frank Stein Elite Knight 243 offline
Free Kill Knight 162 offline
Freedom Fighter Master Sorcerer 158 online
Frei Dviatura Master Sorcerer 200 offline
Froggen (Colombiano :D) Master Sorcerer 94 offline
Frozzen Legendary Master Sorcerer 142 offline
Fryda Elder Druid 215 offline
Full Autism Master Sorcerer 170 offline
Fumacinha Elite Knight 247 offline
Fumei Oregano Elite Knight 279 offline
Furadeira Druid 131 offline
Furius Returns (Vida Longa Aos Reis Lendas) Elite Knight 376 offline
Gabriel Diniz Vivo Royal Paladin 196 offline
Ganjo Bruxoo Master Sorcerer 154 offline
Garguladeak Elite Knight 162 offline
Gary Medel (The wall) Royal Paladin 174 offline
Gaviota Papi (Pico Pal Que Lee) Elite Knight 180 offline
Gazzor Elite Knight 192 offline
Geass Royal Paladin 205 offline
Gelatinosa Paladin 118 offline
Gerald Of Rivia Elite Knight 107 offline
Geraldino Druid 98 offline
Gogoboy De Pauduro Elite Knight 202 offline
Gohten Elite Knight 175 offline
Golden Maker Elite Knight 138 offline
Gorda Sapatona Elite Knight 288 offline
Graxa Elite Knight 161 offline
Gremor Sorcerer 120 offline
Griindelwald Royal Paladin 174 offline
Grillo Fachao (activo menor) Elite Knight 186 offline
Grimap Royal Paladin 193 offline
Grindelwald Mage Master Sorcerer 104 offline
Grindelwall Master Sorcerer 210 offline
Grindr Elder Druid 113 offline
Grunge Elder Druid 112 offline
Gryffindorr Elite Knight 165 offline
Guerrilla Grower Elite Knight 210 offline
Guh Paramax Druid 54 offline
Guicae Royal Paladin 123 offline
Gumi Elite Knight 215 offline
Hajid Elder Druid 156 offline
Halele Royal Paladin 178 offline
Haley Elite Knight 148 offline
Hallrox Royal Paladin 196 offline
Hana Aravuz Druid 158 offline
Hans Chucrutis Elite Knight 197 offline
Hard Bloker Elite Knight 187 offline
Hard Sam (vao) Elite Knight 140 offline
Harlinda Mulher Master Sorcerer 161 offline
Harzek Elite Knight 201 offline
Hashashiim Royal Paladin 191 offline
Hayender (ólaaaaa) Knight 188 offline
Heart Of Hell Elder Druid 206 offline
Hell Paly Royal Paladin 217 offline
Hellfiree Royal Paladin 115 offline
Hemorroida No Anus (Teeem Booh o/) Royal Paladin 140 offline
Henrique The King Elite Knight 141 offline
Highskills Royal Paladin 193 offline
Hillsong Royal Paladin 191 offline
Hiper Royal Paladin 297 offline
Hipertenso Elite Knight 211 offline
Hiroshi Jito Master Sorcerer 148 offline
Hisan Bolt Royal Paladin 206 offline
Hobin Hood Royal Paladin 133 offline
Hoksha Elite Knight 336 offline
Holismase Royal Paladin 246 offline
Hwk Sedrins Paladin 124 offline
Hype Vem Tranquilo Sorcerer 108 offline
Hypnose Master Sorcerer 202 offline
Ice Cold Elite Knight 209 offline
Identt Elite Knight 236 offline
Igglypuff (Venezuela) Elite Knight 182 offline
Ilove Duda Royal Paladin 129 offline
Ilpango Ruso Royal Paladin 189 offline
Im Lost Elder Druid 177 offline
Imperium Paladin 136 offline
Indiosz Master Sorcerer 313 offline
Information Bot (It is a bot using bot) Elite Knight 115 offline
Ink Soul Royal Paladin 208 offline
Inking Royal Paladin 143 offline
Innmo Elder Druid 157 offline
Inova (Sra Paladina) Paladin 157 offline
Isso Que Eh Foda (Ah Volta Dos Que Nunca Foi) Master Sorcerer 236 offline
Itache Ek Elite Knight 435 offline
Itaipavaa Royal Paladin 283 offline
Jack Comanda Knight 149 offline
Jack Loko (Boy DOido e Rin) Master Sorcerer 105 offline
Jack Returns Knight 201 offline
Jamaicano Kina Knight 89 offline
Jamaiquim Elder Druid 185 offline
Jamil Elite Knight 148 offline
Japa Federal Elite Knight 212 offline
Jasinto Cabecao Master Sorcerer 361 online
Jativeca Belo Elite Knight 181 offline
Javo Doidao Elite Knight 150 offline
Jayane Royal Paladin 119 offline
Jebtings Royal Paladin 127 offline
Jeffins (Cs go) Elite Knight 190 offline
Jimmyzovisk Elder Druid 156 offline
Jogador Novo Elder Druid 124 offline
John Devil Elite Knight 183 offline
Joice Pipoca (Amor do Bob Cash) Elite Knight 130 offline
Jordan Walker Sorcerer 56 offline
Jovemdex Elite Knight 251 offline
Jow Aka Block Knight 144 offline
Jow Jaggerjack Elder Druid 162 offline
Jow Snow Elite Knight 162 offline
Jubikeiradesativa Druid 153 offline
Jumanji Elder Druid 146 offline
Junior Fernandez Knight 164 offline
Junior Love Exp Paladin 220 offline
Junko Yagami (Tasogare no Bay City) Royal Paladin 155 offline
Juno Elder Druid 183 offline
Kaiiser Elder Druid 205 offline
Kaise Negro Master Sorcerer 82 offline
Kales Azux Elder Druid 159 offline
Kamili Druid 142 offline
Kanait Elite Knight 103 offline
Karkei Elite Knight 257 online
Karoc Master Sorcerer 163 offline
Katherinepierce Master Sorcerer 120 offline
Katiia Elder Druid 185 offline
Katracca Royal Paladin 181 offline
Katrina Ava Royal Paladin 102 offline
Ken Imortality Royal Paladin 195 offline
Kharos Elder Druid 111 offline
Khewquinz (Nois qke Ta BRUXO) Royal Paladin 128 offline
Kid Yo Elite Knight 178 offline
Kighnt Zs Knight 124 offline
Kina Bolladex Elite Knight 193 offline
Kina Botzera Elite Knight 226 offline
Kina De Morango Knight 111 offline
Kina Ite Elite Knight 242 offline
Kina Ucha Elite Knight 161 offline
Kinassj Daaula Elite Knight 123 offline
Kinazin Do Sex (_Barra De Jangada_ Tmjs) Elite Knight 125 offline
Kinem Elite Knight 95 offline
King Moon Knight 86 offline
King Spartano Elder Druid 79 offline
Kinrou Ishigami Elite Knight 203 online
Kiryto Elite Knight 154 offline
Kniggia Elder Druid 107 offline
Knight Dichavando Elite Knight 202 offline
Knight Forfun Elite Knight 217 offline
Knight Frozen (revelations) Elite Knight 245 offline
Knightii Loko Elite Knight 312 offline
Knightonlybot Elite Knight 109 offline
Knightt Elder Druid 171 offline
Knightthecrazy Knight 194 offline
Kochanek Marysi Royal Paladin 109 offline
Kokiita Elder Druid 106 offline
Koltz Heckmann Elder Druid 85 offline
Korgoth Elite Knight 224 offline
Kosa Ms Master Sorcerer 173 offline
Krawiiecc Elder Druid 95 offline
Krayzie Bone Elder Druid 126 offline
Kriknak Royal Paladin 202 offline
Krowiek Elder Druid 179 offline
Kwrnoski Elite Knight 159 offline
Kya Ayala Sorcerer 106 offline
La Matika Druid 103 offline
Ladrao De Spears Elite Knight 295 offline
Lady Angel Elder Druid 160 offline
Lady Balla Master Sorcerer 127 offline
Lady Monique Royal Paladin 355 offline
Lady Warriors Elite Knight 179 online
Lagmaron Royal Paladin 193 offline
Lakoost Master Sorcerer 159 offline
Lanif Elder Druid 188 offline
Lawlxd Master Sorcerer 282 offline
Leao Starks Elite Knight 216 offline
Lecter Knight Elite Knight 156 offline
Leeo Ms Sorcerer 171 offline
Legaliz Master Sorcerer 207 offline
Legion Commander Royal Paladin 277 offline
Legolas Archer Royal Paladin 109 offline
Leisdekirchhoff (Soma que entra igual a q sai) Elder Druid 161 offline
Lengo Tengo Elder Druid 200 offline
Leo Wittig Master Sorcerer 208 offline
Leon Dart Royal Paladin 199 offline
Leona Fs Elite Knight 298 offline
Leozera Ektank Elite Knight 164 offline
Leoziinhoow Owns Elder Druid 242 offline
Lesk Master Sorcerer 171 offline
Liamesubjetivo Elite Knight 146 offline
Licozones (Fumei uns bek, to loucao) Master Sorcerer 168 offline
Lidera On Sorcerer 199 offline
Limakf Royal Paladin 181 offline
Linif Royal Paladin 206 offline
Livliv Elite Knight 197 offline
Locz Elder Druid 182 offline
Loki Plax Elder Druid 202 offline
Loko Mat Master Sorcerer 121 offline
Lokoala Royal Paladin 136 offline
Lolly Elite Knight 133 offline
Lolomazawasa (Sinaloa) Master Sorcerer 196 offline
Lonif Elite Knight 237 offline
Lord Insanity Elite Knight 186 offline
Lord Of Dark Royal Paladin 173 offline
Lord Sombras Elite Knight 188 offline
Lordkziin Paladin 169 offline
Lostzin Azux Elite Knight 160 offline
Lotex Paladin 166 offline
Lovemania Elder Druid 180 offline
Lubrax Coronelas Druid 81 offline
Lucas Dizossa Elder Druid 124 offline
Luciiferi Elite Knight 230 offline
Lucyfero Sorcerer 108 offline
Luhzao Knight 288 online
Lukasz Tankzor Paladin 165 offline
Lukasz The Nuub Druid 188 offline
Luladrao Enjaulado Elite Knight 184 offline
Luladrao Safado Elite Knight 199 offline
Luluzinha On Hell Elder Druid 102 offline
Lumaa Elite Knight 140 offline
Lura Royal Paladin 110 offline
Maarlon Elder Druid 146 offline
Machine Kina (Mlk ProDuÇoes) Elite Knight 190 offline
Maconheiro Natu Elite Knight 179 offline
Maconheiro Nico Elder Druid 168 offline
Maconheiro Veio Elder Druid 177 offline
Mad Shadow Royal Paladin 215 online
Magaziinhasz Elder Druid 263 offline
Mage Loks Elder Druid 143 offline
Magic Dois Elder Druid 188 offline
Magnnetto Elder Druid 80 offline
Mago Real Master Sorcerer 370 offline
Maguinas Master Sorcerer 190 offline
Mahamed Do Trafico Master Sorcerer 199 offline
Maicao Nelekss Master Sorcerer 96 offline
Mais Linda Moon Elite Knight 70 offline
Makerzerah Elite Knight 185 offline
Makims Master Sorcerer 201 offline
Mal Mor Knight 107 offline
Malbec Magnetic Elder Druid 223 offline
Malditobr Royal Paladin 229 offline
Malestic Krownka Elder Druid 281 online
Manezin Da Ilha Paladin 238 offline
Manga Mocha Elite Knight 165 offline
Manitou Elite Knight 185 offline
Manuelito Jm Elder Druid 162 offline
Margatto Elder Druid 185 offline
Mari Onete Elite Knight 322 offline
Marietowow Royal Paladin 177 offline
Marleyn Royal Paladin 159 offline
Marquin Elder Druid 188 offline
Marryjanegold Elder Druid 183 offline
Marteloo Druid 120 offline
Massacre Avanger Elite Knight 168 offline
Master Elder Royal Elite Knight 233 offline
Master Javier Master Sorcerer 151 offline
Master Massacrador Master Sorcerer 101 offline
Master Sam Elder Druid 182 offline
Master Smoking Druid 181 offline
Master Zinha (10000) Master Sorcerer 322 offline
Mata Bot Iv Master Sorcerer 182 offline
Mataboss Master Sorcerer 172 offline
Matador De Preto Royal Paladin 102 offline
Matar Tres Master Sorcerer 152 offline
Mateus Moretti Royal Paladin 192 offline
Mato Merrmo Elite Knight 206 offline
Mazzaropii Royal Paladin 203 offline
Mc Edy Lemond Paladin 219 offline
Mcfat Knight 184 offline
Me Masturbas Elite Knight 150 offline
Mecflex Royal Paladin 207 offline
Meiko Nakahara (Prism No Fantasy) Royal Paladin 141 offline
Melguevovale (MADUROCOÑOETUMADRE) Elite Knight 106 offline
Melta Sedux Elite Knight 196 offline
Menage Trois Elder Druid 242 offline
Mendigo Do Parque Master Sorcerer 216 offline
Meninoderua Elite Knight 304 online
Merce Elite Knight 237 offline
Mercenariuz Royal Paladin 276 offline
Mestre Dos Magu Master Sorcerer 178 offline
Mestre Knightt Paladin 165 offline
Mety Enterprize Elder Druid 126 offline
Meu Cu Ardendo Master Sorcerer 141 offline
Meudeusnaoconsigo Elder Druid 169 offline
Milotic Royal Paladin 405 offline
Misovisk Royal Paladin 190 offline
Misty Off Paladin Royal Paladin 216 offline
Mithr Elite Knight 181 offline
Mokra Klara Elite Knight 163 offline
Moneycash Elite Knight 207 offline
Moneymaker Ricaria Elite Knight 186 offline
Moneymaker Rico Elite Knight 164 offline
Monster Killr Elite Knight 302 offline
Monstra Master Sorcerer 414 offline
Monstrao Das Task Knight 196 offline
Moovo Knight 111 offline
Moral Afavor Elite Knight 243 offline
Moral Brabo Elite Knight 245 online
Moral Do Lot Knight 235 offline
Moral Ell Brabo Knight 244 offline
Moral Full Ricaria Knight 254 online
Moral Fullpistola Elite Knight 261 online
Moral Kaverinha Elite Knight 268 offline
Moral Ricaria Elite Knight 255 offline
Mortate Elite Knight 69 offline
Mr Gabo Master Sorcerer 201 offline
Mr Wick Elite Knight 174 online
Muay Thais Master Sorcerer 196 offline
Muchinho Druid 66 offline
Mudaimes Zikao Royal Paladin 241 online
Muito Grande Elite Knight 172 offline
Mukovisk Royal Paladin 73 offline
Mulekew Zikaw Elite Knight 180 offline
Mulequebusiness Druid 102 offline
Munrha Elite Knight 163 offline
My Broken Elite Knight 196 offline
Mynutz Royal Paladin 234 offline
Nacuca Royal Paladin 153 offline
Naix Knight Elite Knight 195 offline
Nalya (Bulldogs são um terror) Knight 84 offline
Nandinhow Ed Druid 141 offline
Nanurax Elder Druid 125 offline
Narberial Elite Knight 322 offline
Natysz Royal Paladin 151 offline
Nazista Is Back Royal Paladin 89 offline
Negao Overdose Paladin 177 offline
Negreshco Royal Paladin 240 offline
Neguinho Da Cohab (Cohab 2 na area) Royal Paladin 217 offline
Nena Bolada Royal Paladin 145 offline
Neneziinha Roots Paladin 121 offline
Neth Kran Royal Paladin 179 offline
New Rappidelio Royal Paladin 228 offline
New Stylle Paladin 84 offline
Neyzin Tankful Knight 165 offline
Neyzinshowon Elder Druid 240 offline
Night Death Master Sorcerer 103 offline
Night Elves Elder Druid 183 offline
Nilobaz Sorcerer 129 offline
Ninja Traidor ([Israel Mage]) Paladin 104 offline
Nino Stylo Elder Druid 49 offline
Noctis Lucys Royal Paladin 265 offline
Nunca Nem Vih Elder Druid 86 offline
Nylon Elite Knight 160 offline
Ogochii Elite Knight 178 offline
Oia Sd Druid 121 offline
Okaiida Elite Knight 184 offline
Old Druid School Elder Druid 185 offline
Old Scholl Elder Druid 275 offline
Old Valyria (Blessing) Elite Knight 86 offline
Olonam Manolo Elite Knight 226 offline
Onetwothree Master Sorcerer 168 offline
Open Tcheca Elder Druid 82 offline
Opoeta Elite Knight 221 offline
Oros Firebolt (Taubate-Sp) Royal Paladin 315 offline
Osaama Na Missao Elite Knight 84 offline
Ostatecznie (jebac stare kurwy) Elder Druid 164 offline
Oszy Knight 106 offline
Otrem Elite Knight 124 offline
Oursh Balaozin Elder Druid 168 offline
Out Kast Paladin 80 offline
Ovo Maltine Master Sorcerer 227 offline
Owner Ali (Viva Intensamente) Master Sorcerer 104 offline
Oxiquebichodoido Master Sorcerer 255 offline
Pablao Doidao Elite Knight 97 offline
Pablo Gostoso Elite Knight 204 offline
Pai Xango Elite Knight 282 online
Pala Negro Royal Paladin 155 offline
Paladasios Paladin 188 offline
Paladin Criollo Royal Paladin 119 offline
Paladinkni Royal Paladin 109 offline
Paladino Maneta Paladin 102 offline
Paladinoo Paladin 188 offline
Palaris Of Kings Royal Paladin 148 offline
Palla Forte Royal Paladin 209 offline
Palladin Suino Paladin 172 offline
Pally Cinco Royal Paladin 284 online
Pally Da Noitee (Correria) Royal Paladin 330 online
Pally Decimo Royal Paladin 311 online
Pally Doiss Royal Paladin 275 online
Pally Fox Royal Paladin 148 offline
Pally Infernal Royal Paladin 227 online
Pally Loco Royal Paladin 135 online
Pally Mafia Paladin 58 offline
Pally Nono Royal Paladin 281 online
Pally Of Chaos Royal Paladin 154 offline
Pally Oito Paladin 278 online
Pally Owns Royal Paladin 195 offline
Pally Quatro Royal Paladin 294 online
Pally Revolts Royal Paladin 180 offline
Pally Seis Royal Paladin 300 online
Pally Sete Royal Paladin 286 online
Pally Sex Royal Paladin 230 offline
Pally Tress Royal Paladin 304 online
Pally Umm Royal Paladin 295 online
Pallyzeira Paladin 174 online
Paly Rolex Royal Paladin 218 offline
Pastor Mourazoor Elite Knight 142 offline
Patinho Zinka Master Sorcerer 191 offline
Paulo Borrachinha Elder Druid 70 offline
Pedro Paradise Royal Paladin 190 offline
Pedro Paralyze Elder Druid 159 offline
Pedroquinha Mm Elite Knight 208 offline
Pegaa Elite Knight 259 offline
Pegared Troxon Elite Knight 134 offline
Pekeno Stifler Royal Paladin 185 offline
Pentel Royal Paladin 198 offline
Pepelpotas Master Sorcerer 161 offline
Peppiitta Elite Knight 135 offline
Percy Ash Druid 81 offline
Perdiguinha Royal Paladin 176 offline
Perfectt Surf Elder Druid 195 offline
Perturbado Elite Knight 183 offline
Pesadelo Do Odio Elite Knight 82 offline
Pescossauroskan Sorcerer 101 offline
Petralha (Lula Livre) Elite Knight 233 offline
Peverso Elder Druid 165 offline
Pezi Knight 184 offline
Phantaz Royal Paladin 192 offline
Phillip Stuart Elder Druid 191 offline
Phoruss Elder Druid 183 offline
Pienso En Ti Royal Paladin 100 offline
Piet Royal Paladin 77 offline
Pink Rp (Para de olhar ;-;) Royal Paladin 143 offline
Pkrlzinthebang Elder Druid 161 offline
Pl Cv Rl (royal paladin) Paladin 141 offline
Plaguesz Master Sorcerer 183 offline
Pocophone Elder Druid 346 online
Poderosa Elite Knight 226 offline
Pontilhao Elite Knight 178 offline
Potada Nervosa Sorcerer 80 offline
Potador Nervoso Druid 80 offline
Potasso Druid 85 offline
Potenay Trus Master Sorcerer 234 offline
Potinho Sorcerer 85 offline
Potinho De Mel Druid 178 offline
Power Bank Pineng Knight 184 offline
Pradox Master Master Sorcerer 218 offline
Preto Chave (Junior crazzy) Sorcerer 151 offline
Prim Elite Knight 88 offline
Prince Up Royal Paladin 192 offline
Princess Ek Elite Knight 163 offline
Princess Of Caos Paladin 69 offline
Principe Thor Royal Paladin 210 offline
Prismitic (Prismitic) Master Sorcerer 102 offline
Professorpardal Elite Knight 190 offline
Projeto Do Acaso Elder Druid 166 offline
Pruzasso Elite Knight 121 offline
Prze Versace Elite Knight 288 offline
Przemytnik Elite Knight 240 offline
Psiicodelico Elite Knight 233 offline
Ptbc Elite Knight 199 offline
Pudim Dos Baseadin Royal Paladin 171 offline
Purgarcito Elder Druid 115 offline
Puro Loot Elite Knight 212 offline
Putodonald Sorcerer 78 online
Quasefull Knight 114 offline
Quemviu Elder Druid 112 offline
Quetinhoo Elder Druid 103 offline
Rafael Matao Master Sorcerer 240 offline
Rafinhah Paramax Elder Druid 144 offline
Ragnam Royal Paladin 224 offline
Ragnhild Royal Paladin 168 offline
Raiketeiro Royal Paladin 77 offline
Ralph The Kid Elder Druid 165 offline
Ran Gan Gan (Sejam Bem Vindos ;)) Royal Paladin 414 offline
Ravigg Royal Paladin 102 offline
Reality Testt Master Sorcerer 166 online
Rebelk Elite Knight 238 offline
Recondite Royal Paladin 322 online
Red Galaxy Royal Paladin 150 offline
Reeboltada Royal Paladin 254 offline
Reincidente Master Sorcerer 151 offline
Relentless Chaos Paladin 153 offline
Respect King Druid 191 offline
Rip Becker Royal Paladin 221 offline
Rip Fabio Elder Druid 167 offline
Rip Xandaoz Elder Druid 148 offline
Riquinhow Elite Knight 153 offline
Robbin Stark (KinG Of NorTH) Elite Knight 174 offline
Rocha Dura Elite Knight 203 offline
Rohdeliciios Elite Knight 287 offline
Rok Malvado (aceita que doi menos) Elite Knight 273 offline
Royal Javier Paladin 157 offline
Royal Mectrab Royal Paladin 261 offline
Royal Paulinh Royal Paladin 99 offline
Royal Will Royal Paladin 167 offline
Rp Overush Royal Paladin 183 offline
Rpzor Bolivar Paladin 120 offline
Rua Silva Elite Knight 134 offline
Rush Bicho Papao Master Sorcerer 84 offline
Rushezor Master Master Sorcerer 180 offline
Rutilho Master Sorcerer 56 offline
Ryperdeathzovysck Royal Paladin 250 online
Ryuzaaky Elite Knight 123 offline
Sadik Hadzoviksz Royal Paladin 191 online
Sai Maral Elder Druid 170 offline
Saint Dark Elite Knight 93 offline
Saintz Khaos (Wero) Elder Druid 140 offline
Saitama Pally Royal Paladin 108 offline
Saleesz Knight 86 offline
Samba Da Paralyze Elder Druid 157 offline
San Norotico Royal Paladin 154 offline
Sandinn Elite Knight 172 offline
Santos Taca Palito Royal Paladin 132 offline
Saskuate Royal Paladin 107 offline
Saytro Elite Knight 442 offline
Sd Potente Druid 105 offline
Se Afoba Nao Elite Knight 275 offline
Se Mata Eu Volto Paladin 213 offline
Senorlife Royal Paladin 146 offline
Sensei San Royal Paladin 244 online
Seph Leonhart Elite Knight 209 offline
Serjomoro Master Sorcerer 134 offline
Serrote Elder Druid 156 offline
Seth Cohen Elite Knight 141 offline
Severina Master Sorcerer 132 offline
Sexbastian (Yayaju) Master Sorcerer 96 offline
Sezif Only Sd Elder Druid 166 offline
Sgt Achola Royal Paladin 208 offline
Shadow Phoenix Royal Paladin 164 offline
Shake Lindo Elite Knight 210 offline
Shary Maga Master Sorcerer 132 offline
Shauna Vaynee Royal Paladin 108 offline
Showmaker Knight 97 offline
Shyrz Knight 129 offline
Siirius Blackk Master Sorcerer 292 offline
Sir Lost Elite Knight 161 offline
Sirenoman Royal Paladin 138 offline
Sirilix Elite Knight 120 offline
Skalovisk Elite Knight 199 offline
Skull Frost (Para de dar Look) Royal Paladin 244 offline
Snaptube Elder Druid 252 online
Sniper Do Vietnan Royal Paladin 188 offline
Snyper Onyx Royal Paladin 195 offline
So Capa Knight 115 offline
So Loot Fiao Elite Knight 205 offline
So Pra Pontoos Druid 71 offline
Socialista (de Iphone) Elite Knight 281 offline
Sofia Zafiro Master Sorcerer 232 offline
Solerian Fearless Elite Knight 182 offline
Sopagold Royal Paladin 124 offline
Sophia Gabrielly Elite Knight 187 offline
Sopotaa Elder Druid 87 offline
Sornoza Paladin 116 offline
Soul Jenti Boua Royal Paladin 339 offline
Soul Wizzard (Protected By God Of War) Elder Druid 166 offline
Soullhulk Royal Paladin 145 offline
Sour Og Kush Sorcerer 70 offline
Sp Ivs Elder Druid 183 offline
Sr Escanor Elite Knight 240 offline
Srta Holy Paladin 213 offline
Stalone Kina Elite Knight 277 offline
Starbucksz Royal Paladin 101 offline
Stark Jack Druid 166 offline
Starzy Master Sorcerer 107 offline
Stephanee Elite Knight 159 offline
Stezinha Gamer Royal Paladin 233 online
Stlobos Elder Druid 121 online
Storm Pike Elder Druid 88 offline
Strike The Blood Royal Paladin 253 offline
Stylish Master Sorcerer 108 offline
Suave Briight Royal Paladin 170 offline
Suco Royal Paladin 93 offline
Suicidestorm Elder Druid 182 offline
Sumblade Elite Knight 225 offline
Sumonner Sorcerer 103 offline
Sunzy Ek Elite Knight 175 offline
Super Kinaa Elite Knight 409 online
Supergas Elite Knight 203 offline
Suruba Mcz Elite Knight 296 offline
Sweet Strawberry Elite Knight 114 offline
Swordzeiro Elite Knight 230 offline
Tabakao Royal Paladin 247 offline
Taca Frexa Royal Paladin 285 offline
Taeko Ohnuki (4:00 AM) Royal Paladin 159 offline
Taeyeon Royal Paladin 196 offline
Tafexzika Elite Knight 182 offline
Targus Royal Paladin 177 offline
Tarky Elder Druid 182 offline
Tarumm Ted Elder Druid 238 offline
Tayler Elder Druid 184 offline
Taynarazik Elite Knight 176 online
Teeixeira Cdv Sorcerer 115 offline
Tempra Preto Elite Knight 239 offline
Terror De Bot (Mata AFK!) Master Sorcerer 182 offline
Thales Rick Druid 187 offline
Thc Relax Elite Knight 251 offline
The Builder Elder Druid 169 offline
The Clock Royal Paladin 235 offline
Thedog Elite Knight 247 offline
Theo Archer Royal Paladin 94 offline
Thirzan Aka Trovao Druid 104 offline
Thite Elder Druid 201 offline
Thor Do Litrao Royal Paladin 182 offline
Thor Mento Elite Knight 164 offline
Thrizz Elder Druid 138 offline
Thunder Struckk Master Sorcerer 220 offline
Thust Chapado Knight 186 offline
Thuthu Paladin 100 offline
Ticotico Druid 195 offline
Tigogosauraresp Paladin 105 offline
Tim Habey Elder Druid 124 offline
Tinuda Healer Elder Druid 127 offline
Tio Alii Paladin 131 offline
Tio Fil Elder Druid 288 offline
To Pro Crime Elder Druid 116 offline
Todin Paladin 205 offline
Todosnus Master Sorcerer 225 offline
Tokoyami Royal Paladin 115 offline
Toma Seu Bosta Royal Paladin 201 offline
Tomate Junior Paladin 250 offline
Tommy Bala Royal Paladin 186 offline
Toquedapeste Master Sorcerer 177 offline
Travo Sorcerer 149 offline
Triipa Seca Elite Knight 177 offline
Trovao Dumal Elite Knight 191 offline
Tubakinha Elite Knight 264 offline
Ture Vaur Master Sorcerer 158 offline
Turugara (100000) Paladin 84 offline
Two Paac Royal Paladin 245 offline
Tyrionlannister Elite Knight 216 offline
Tyros Babbla Elite Knight 172 offline
Uchiha Leonan (Madara) Elite Knight 171 offline
Undead Blocker Elite Knight 200 offline
Undead Maker Elite Knight 190 offline
Unicorn Druid 87 offline
Unpredictable Royal Paladin 167 offline
Ure Bolado (yure) Master Sorcerer 169 offline
Ureh Master Sorcerer 126 offline
Usario De Droga Sorcerer 142 offline
Usei Bolti Royal Paladin 202 offline
Usuario De Sio Elder Druid 167 offline
Vaise Danar Master Sorcerer 194 offline
Valdermort Royal Paladin 195 offline
Valdir Litrao Master Sorcerer 190 offline
Valkoinen Kuolema Royal Paladin 155 offline
Vandalos Master Sorcerer 219 offline
Vegas Stripper Royal Paladin 141 offline
Veiser Elite Knight 312 online
Vem Maral Royal Paladin 236 online
Venha Forte Nao Elite Knight 183 offline
Venito Royal Paladin 126 offline
Vepes Elite Knight 270 online
Victor Retro (Garnera) Sorcerer 111 offline
Vidal (Filho do Vidalzao) Elite Knight 213 offline
Vietinamrush Master Sorcerer 104 offline
Vinicius Doidao Druid 153 offline
Vinola Elite Knight 154 offline
Vira Casaca Elite Knight 201 offline
Virmond (Roh T^T) Elder Druid 113 offline
Viseryan Knight 120 offline
Vizty (cu) Elder Druid 157 offline
Voldmort Elite Knight 251 offline
Von Richthofen Elite Knight 206 offline
Vou Gozar Ta Quase Knight 109 offline
Voupor Soumpoquin Master Sorcerer 115 offline
Vrugudum Royal Paladin 183 offline
Vulgo Coveiro Elite Knight 163 offline
Vyne Frontline Elite Knight 132 offline
Waga Legend Elite Knight 190 offline
Wagnitz Paladin 127 online
Warrior Cruel (Bloker) Elite Knight 356 offline
Wat Kina Elite Knight 204 offline
Waywire Elder Druid 146 offline
We Are Nigga Royal Paladin 221 offline
Weissbier Royal Paladin 133 offline
Wellzin Elite Knight 141 offline
Wiill Druid Elder Druid 175 offline
Wilfizo Royal Paladin 181 offline
Winchester Proart Master Sorcerer 250 offline
Wirtualny Rog Royal Paladin 185 offline
Wohoo Elder Druid 102 offline
Wolphi (Demon of the Euthanasia (Maou) Elite Knight 198 offline
Wuniwi Elite Knight 196 offline
Wyllows Kamikaze (Archer) Royal Paladin 318 offline
Xama Na Bota Master Sorcerer 190 offline
Xapuleteiteitei Elder Druid 145 offline
Xico Blok Elite Knight 220 offline
Xileno Elder Druid 99 offline
Xinxenxong Royal Paladin 292 offline
Xtudo Mcz Druid 112 offline
Xuxinhaa Elite Knight 167 offline
Xuxuzao Elite Knight 241 offline
Xx Boomer Master Sorcerer 83 offline
Xxpaladinaxx Paladin 172 offline
Yakito Hoshigaki Royal Paladin 164 offline
Yasuo Onlysio Druid 88 offline
Yendersoon Elite Knight 152 offline
Yung Bae (Bae) Royal Paladin 152 offline
Yurizik Royal Paladin 352 offline
Zavel Frontline Elite Knight 203 offline
Zeeroquinze Royal Paladin 186 offline
Zelezin Master Sorcerer 211 offline
Zenny Pk Elite Knight 85 offline
Zero Aesquerda Paladin 100 offline
Zero Alcool Elder Druid 166 offline
Zero Meia Paladin 100 offline
Zero Quinze Elite Knight 230 offline
Ziika Do Baguio Elite Knight 254 offline
Zoiuda Elite Knight 185 offline
Zthelite Elite Knight 256 offline
Zubuma Fuma Royal Paladin 268 online

Invited Characters
No invited characters found.

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online
Top Experience
1- Sheikh
1701, Elder Druid
2- Potter
669, Elite Knight
3- Gilizera
665, Elder Druid
4- Shurioken
663, Elite Knight
5- Rights
663, Royal Paladin

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